At EDAG, we assist companies in making their products and services more sustainable, circular or future-proof. Many buzzwords convey the same idea, but we look past these buzzwords and trends. At the basis of improvement in any field lies measurable information. We are working on the development of fast tracked methods to estimate the environmental impact of a design for a number of metrics. An example of these methods is the ‘Quick Scan Life Cycle Analysis’ which, without going into too many details, provides you with an indication on where the emphasis of the environmental impact of your product is. 

These methods allow smart design decisions to be taken early in the design and engineering process. This runs parallel to initial project cost estimation and can be integrated into existing decision-making processes. 

EDAG Netherlands is capable of creating exceptionally aerodynamic, lightweight and efficient designs. Using existing or cutting edge technology we can optimise your product ideas to obtain a reduced environmental impact and we can guide your search for the next great product idea. Our expertise in Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) nt only saves time and money in the design phase. It also creates more advanced designs with improved material efficiency and performance. 

For sustainable development there is no single ‘silver bullet’ solution. Combining expertise in many fields and adding decision-making based on measurable metrics, however, gives a definitive edge on making fact-based decisions and looking further than the latest trends to create lasting change. 

Our goal is to make sustainable product development part and package of every product development cycle, and to do this with metrics which allow design and engineering decisions to be made and improvements to be measured. We do not just want to follow legislation and outside influences, we want to help lead sustainable innovation. 


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