Styling and surfacing

Our designers and stylists are experts in translating your thoughts into a model that represents those thoughts. This way, you will get a first indication of what your product will look like, from which you have the possibility to set up the next steps of the development process. 

As the next step, the surfacing experts at EDAG Netherlands validate the styling concepts that follow from our designers and stylists by going through the surfacing process. Surfacing is a process in which the quality of, for example, the transitions between exterior panels of your product are guaranteed. Surfacing also ensures, for example, that the curves of your product blend perfectly in order for your product to have the same reflection and shade from every light incidence angle. The surfacing process progresses as follows: 

  • Concept surfacing
  • Quick surfacing
  • A-Class surfacing

A-Class surfacing is the final part of the process which can be seen as the quality standard for automotive design. The surfacing experts at EDAG Netherlands ensure that this A-Class surfacing fully embodies the design and style that has been created for your product.