During the summer semester of 2020, EDAG Netherlands welcomed three students

Bram Ouderland as an intern in the third year of his bachelor study automotive engineering, and Kars Landman and Jeroen van den Brand as undergraduates of the same study.


Their stories explain their assignment, work and professional development over the semester and how these were influenced by the global COVID-19 pandemic. 
As EDAG Netherlands we want to congratulate Bram with passing his internship and Kars and Jeroen with graduating as automotive engineers! We wish you all the best for your future careers!

My name is Bram Ouderland and I am an automotive engineering student. In the period from February until July I did my internship at EDAG Netherlands B.V. During this internship I worked on developing a concept for a non constructive partition wall. I can look back on a nice and educational period. Due the covid-19 virus it was also a weird period. Because of the virus I had to do my internship largely at home. 

At EDAG I learned a lot about myself and what it is like to work in a company, thanks to the good guidance. What I liked the most at EDAG is that it is a small location where everyone is equal. I also liked the working atmosphere. I like to thank all the employees at EDAG Netherlands B.V. for the nice time I had, even if it was only briefly that I was on location. 

During my graduation period at EDAG I worked on the back door of the EDV and its mechanism. The EDV is an “Electric Delivery Van”, which several other graduates have already worked on in the past. My task was to further develop the back door and its innovative door system, while also making it feasible for production. I looked at legislation, sustainability and of course manufacturability. With the results of my research, I designed the door in CAD, and then tested this design for strength in CAE with the legislative requirements.

I have learned a lot about working in an R&D project and have been given a lot of freedom to contribute my own ideas, such as conducting an extensive material research. Through these actions I have been able to further professionalize myself in R&D at EDAG and with the good guidance of Hans Beumer I was able to successfully complete my graduation. 

I would also like to say a big thank you to the other colleagues at EDAG who made the first few weeks in the office before the COVID-19 lockdown a fun and educational time. 

In this special time I was allowed to do my graduation research at EDAG. There I did research on a wiper mechanism for the EDAG lightCAB, this is a truck cab developed with a focus on weight and aerodynamics. The research has been sufficiently assessed and I can proudly say that I passed the Fontys Automotive Engineering course! 

I would like to thank EDAG for allowing me to carry out this research and I would also like to thank Pieter Assies for the guidance. Now that I have graduated, I am going to enjoy my holiday first, after which I will look for a suitable job. 

Thank you to all employees of EDAG and maybe see you in the future!


Edag Worldwide